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Dual harmonica rack free accessory

The Kross Box is a dual harmonica accessory ideal for players that do not want to use "THE RACK". We have specifically developed this product to work with a standard Shure SM58 Microphone and the Special 20 style harp. This product allows players to use standard microphone and stand for Rack Free playing. Go rack free and get your dual harp Kross Box today!

Kwik Change

Dual harmonica magnetic rack accessory

The Duo Harp Kwik Change is an ideal accessory for the harmonica player that uses a rack but wants to easily change harps. The Kwik Change allows players to easily change harps with one hand and hold two harps with one rack! Convert your old rack into a NEW Kwik Change rack today!


Harmonica Holder

HarpLock is completely nondestructive, easily removable and guaranteed for life. There are no moving parts, no threads to strip and HarpLock allows a musician to quickly attach or remove a harmonica with one hand. HarpLock is lightweight, strong and holds harmonicas securely.